Stephanie Quayle’s Self-Titled Album is Available now

Stephanie Quayle’s Self-Titled Album is Available now

Stephanie Quayle‘s self-titled album is out now!

Stephanie shares that her new project is the result of living through these past couple of years, “As many of us know, 2020 and 2021 changed the course of our live music experiences. Now in 2022, we have so much catching up to do with our fan family. This album is for them.”

Her Family and friends were a big part of Stephanie’s self-titled album “It was requested by them and made with them in mind. This collection of music includes some songs they’ve heard, and a few they haven’t. It’s those new songs that really complete this chapter, and sets up what comes next. I hope each listener finds a piece of themselves in this album and the songs become the soundtrack to new memories and moments in their lives.”

The 8-track collection includes music that Stephanie has previously shared with her fans, like “Wild Frontier” and “I Want The World For You” – but it also features new songs like “Hang My Hat.”

Quayle says “’Hang My Hat’ is a lyrical play and total earworm. Tori Tullier had this title and it was an ‘OF COURSE’ when we three (Quayle, Tullier and Karen Kosowski) sat down to write. As a writer on the song, I feel so incredibly proud of it and its complex simplicity – not to mention how honest it is in regards to my husband, the heart I hang my hat on every day.  The Western imagery represents so much to me, from my roots to what I live to how I want to live. It’s the mindset of not running away from love but choosing it every day, letting it grow like the sunrise… sometimes it’s too bright and you have to shift your gaze to get it all back into focus. There’s an effortless story here to tell and when it comes to love, that story never gets old. Thank God or we would all be out of business.”

Stephanie Quayle’s self-titled album is available now.

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Quayle