Dan + Shay Hold the Keys to Their Own Social Media

Dan + Shay Hold the Keys to Their Own Social Media

Fans love Dan + Shay for many reasons…their music, their live show, and the way they are on social media.

They also know that when they reach out to Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney on socials, that it’s really the duo answering back.

Dan + Shay share, “Social media is always been super important to us. I guess we’ve probably driven a lot of people on our team crazy because we won’t give out the passwords to our accounts (laugh)…but, you know ever since we started we wanted to have that 1 on 1 personal connection with fans.”

When people share heartfelt messages with Dan + Shay, the guys want the fans to know that those words of how the music helped them mean everything to the duo, “Even you know outside of being an artist, just on a human level, you know somebody said ‘Hey I’m having a tough day and your song made my day better’ we’ve had messages say that the music has saved somebody’s life and that stuff is like…that’s bigger than us, it’s bigger than the song, it’s so powerful that’s why we do this. For us to just be able to jump on the Instagram or Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat whatever it maybe…and just say ‘Thank you. Thank you for listening to this music you know as much as this song might mean to you, you listening to that song means just as much to us that’s why we need to do this and you’re the reason we get to live our dream so it’s a 2 way street.”

These days fans are sending messages that they love Dan + Shay’s current single at country radio, “Steal My Love” from their latest album, Good Things.

Watch the music video for “Steal My Love” and then head to socials and tell the guys what you think…

Photo Courtesy of Dan + Shay