Cody Johnson’s Double Album, Human, is Available Now

Cody Johnson’s Double Album, Human, is Available Now

Cody Johnson‘s new project, Human – The Double Album, is available now.

Human – the Double Album is the result of all the downtime Cody had during the quarantine shutdown. Cody shares that he had more time to work on his music than he had in years, “During the year 2020, I had the opportunity to really spend more time focusing on a good pile of songs that all complemented each other. By the time we were through there was 18 so we had the idea to make a double album not only did I have the opportunity the first opportunity in my life to spend the most time on the album had the most time picking songs it’s the first time I’ve ever recorded a piece this big.”

 Human – The Double Album track list;

Part 1

  1. “Human” – Tony LaneTravis Meadows
  2. “Honky Tonk Hardwood Floors” – Carson ChamberlainWyatt McCubbinMichael White
  3. “Sad Songs and Waltzes” – Willie Nelson
  4. “’Til You Can’t” – Matt RogersBen Stennis
  5. “God Bless the Boy (Cori’s Song)” – Barrett BaberTerri Jo BoxScott Sean White
  6. “Known for Loving You” – Cody Johnson, Ben HayslipTrent Willmon
  7. “Driveway” – Lindsay Rimes, Matt Rogers
  8. “Son of a Ramblin’ Man” – Vince Gill
  9. “I Always Wanted To” – Tom Douglas, Allen Shamblin, Jordyn Shellhart

Part 2

  1. “I Don’t Know a Thing About Love” – Harlan Howard
  2. “Longer Than She Did” – Eric Paslay, Paul Sikes, Matt Stell
  3. “Made a Home” – Cody Johnson, Jesse Raub, Scott Sean White
  4. “Let’s Build a Fire” – Chris Janson, Mitch Oglesby
  5. “When It Comes to You” – Jeremy Bussey, Tony Lane
  6. “Treasure” – Matt Rogers
  7. “Stronger” – Jared Elledge, Dustin Miller, Trent Willmon
  8. “Cowboy Scale of 1 to 10” – Cody Johnson, David Frasier, Trent Willmon
  9. “By Your Grace” – Cody Johnson

Cody adds, “It’s been a long time coming and I’m proud to finally give y’all my newest record, Human The Double Album. I’m thankful for God giving me the talent and ability to make music. Also, thank you to my team, my family, and my fans for making this project possible. I couldn’t have done it without y’all!

Human – The Double Album from Cody Johnson is available now, and among the 18 tracks, it includes “‘Til You Can’t” – watch the Live From the Stage music video for the song here…

Photo Credit: Chris Douglas