Thomas Rhett & Rhett Akins Debut a Song For Dads

Thomas Rhett & Rhett Akins Debut a Song For Dads

During an appearance on the Grand Ole Opry this past weekend Thomas Rhett debuted a new song that he and his dad, Rhett Akins, are going to be releasing this Wednesday – just in time for Father’s Day this upcoming Sunday.

Thomas posted, “Announced from the Grand Ole Opry stage tonight with my dad that I’ll be releasing a new one called ‘Things Dads Do’ on June 16th in honor of Father’s Day. More soon but get excited”

Of course Thomas making music with his dad is no surprise – several of Thomas’ songs include his dad as a co-writer…including his number-one hit “What’s Your Country Song,” where Thomas even went a step further, “I actually threw one of my dad’s song titles, ‘That Ain’t My Truck,’ in the second verse.” 

Thomas continues, “As we started to kinda craft this song, we had the chorus first, and then we were trying to figure out where to take the verses.  And we kinda thought, what if we could tell a story in the verses through using some of our favorite song titles, whether it’s from the 80s or from the 90s or now.  I remember the first line that I spit out was, ‘Are you heart broke because you know that ain’t your truck in her drive,’ literally as a joke, just cause dad was sittin’ there.  And as we started to write the song, it felt like it just fit.  It was pretty funny, but I’m glad dad got a shout out in that song.”

Of course that hit is from Thomas’ album Country Again – Side A, which features the title track, “Country Again.”

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Rhett, Rhett Akins, and The Grand Ole Opry