Ashley McBryde Never Thought Naming an Album Would Be Tough

Ashley McBryde Never Thought Naming an Album Would Be Tough

When you dream about being a singer, you imagine the concerts you’d be performing at, the fans singing back your lyrics, and all the fun parts that come with a successful career.

But when you get there, you also have do other stuff…like naming your albums.

Ashley didn’t release this was no easy task, “I never knew how hard it was to name an album…until we named the Girl Going Nowhere album.”

OK, so you have the debut album name out of the way, now its going to be easy, right? Ashley says, “Then it got even harder when we wanted to name record two.”

While the album Never Will does share a name with one of the tracks on it — originally Ashley was thinking it would be a different song on the project, “We almost called it Velvet Red, because that would make sense, because it’s two words that make you see something visually, in your brain.”

But after looking over the collection of music, and what Ashley wanted to convey, that just didn’t fit. Ashley explains, “We looked at the overall message of the record…and we’re telling Shelia to shut up, we’re telling Martha Divine that she’s a no good tramp, and we’re telling each other as a band, and to our fans, that when it comes to the background noise, and reading the comments…we don’t. And we’ll try to never do that. Then we promised each other, that’d we never will. So, the more I listened to the record, the more the overall message of the record was…it’s OK to be yourself, and if somebody doesn’t like it – tell them to look the other way. So, Never Will was obviously the title.”

Right now from Never Will “Martha Divine” is at country radio — and in case you missed it, here’s Ashley McBryde’s recent performance of the song on the 56th ACM Awards.

Photo Credit: Daniel Meigs