Travis Denning Kicks It Old School for His “ABBY” Music Video

Travis Denning Kicks It Old School for His “ABBY” Music Video

Travis Denning‘s song “ABBY” is already a super fun track, so how do you make the music video even better…you dial it back. Back to the early 2000s.

Travis shares, “‘ABBY’ has always been a song that typically gets a good laugh when people first hear the lyrics. So, when it came to a concept for the music video, it just made sense for it to be something that matched that sentiment of lightheartedness and not taking yourself too seriously. We had so much fun shooting this music video and honestly just paying tribute to some of my favorite artists in the genre, from Toby Keith to Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney to Montgomery Gentry. I hope everyone feels that when they’re watching it.”

At the start of the video Travis says “I swear the early 2000 were perfect for country music videos, I mean they were cheesy, but god they were fun and they’re so nostalgic now…I wish I could do a video like that.”

Then the “ABBY” T-Shirt wearing girl next to him simply says “Maybe you should.”

And that’s when the fun begins…

Check out the very nostalgic “ABBY” music video from Travis Denning…

Photo Courtesy of UMG Nashville