Kenny Chesney: “If You Sit in Negativity Long Enough, You’ll Become It”

Kenny Chesney: “If You Sit in Negativity Long Enough, You’ll Become It”

After Hurricane Irma devastated the Caribbean in September 2017, Kenny Chesney mobilized into action by creating the Love for Love City Foundation, a non-profit that has delivered water, food, medical supplies, tools, building materials and more to the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.

Irma’s destruction also became the catalyst for Kenny’s new album, Songs for the Saints, which dropped on July 27 and has already spawned No. 1 hit, “Get Along.”

“I’ve always felt like if you sit in negativity long enough, you’ll become it,” said Kenny to Kix Brooks of American Country Countdown. “And, I heard ‘Get Along’ and I went, ‘Wow,’ I mean, I needed to hear that in my own life as a person. It’s about moving forward—yes, it’s about getting along with everybody, but it’s also about moving forward in your life and maybe when you didn’t feel like you had the strength to, you know? ’Cause people get stuck. I get stuck, and that’s a big thread also of what’s happening down on the islands because people are being forced to move forward and change—some are displaced, some are whatever, but look, there’s a lot of rebuilding and people moving forward and they’ve probably, maybe found some strength within them that they didn’t know even existed and that’s why I felt ‘Get Along’ was important and fit on this record.”

All proceeds from the new album will go to the Love for Love City Foundation.

Songs for the Saints

  1. “Songs for the Saints”
  2. “Every Heart”
  3. “Get Along”
  4. “Pirate Song”
  5. “Love for Love City” (with Ziggy Marley)
  6. “Ends Of The Earth”
  7. “Gulf Moon”
  8. “Island Rain”
  9. “Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season” (with Jimmy Buffett)
  10. “We’re All Here”
  11. “Better Boat” (featuring Mindy Smith)

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