Social Media Roundup: Martina McBride’s Bittersweet Send-Off, Blake Shelton’s Bloody Mary Heaven, Parmalee’s Chainsaw Skills & More

Social Media Roundup: Martina McBride’s Bittersweet Send-Off, Blake Shelton’s Bloody Mary Heaven, Parmalee’s Chainsaw Skills & More

If you don’t have time to comb through social media all day, here’s what you’ve been missing over the last 24 hours or so in the country music world:

  • Martina McBride gets choked up about daughter Emma leaving home.
  • Chris Young sings “On the Road Again” while on the road. Again.
  • Jennifer Nettles shares a sample of new song, “King of the City.”
  • Parmalee’s Matt Thomas shows off his chainsaw skills.
  • Dave Haywood celebrates his son’s 3rd birthday.
  • Blake Shelton is in heaven with a monumental Bloody Mary.
  • Jack Ingram shares a behind-the-scenes story about “Tin Man.”
  • Trace Adkins throws it back to football season.

There were a lot of tears in our family today. Emma moved to LA to embark upon her acting career. It didn't hit me until after I got back home from the airport that she isn't just going on a visit….but moving out of our house…maybe for good. Of course she knows she can always come back. But in a way…a very bittersweet way….I almost hope she doesn't. Because today is the day we all have been talking about…and she has been dreaming about…for years. Literally at least 6 years. She's wanted to be a film and TV actress for as long as I can remember. She set her sights on it and dreamed big. And I have no doubt she will give it everything she has. And the world will fall in love with her. Because she has that kind of magic. And that kind of heart. Emma I have so much more I could say here…but I've said it to you in private. You know I believe in you and I'm so proud of you my brave, sweet girl. I love you.

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Just like always… #LosingSleep #october20th

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Tonight I'm sharing a piece of my American heart: "King Of The City." 🏙

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Back to our #roots!#getterdone Thx @hillbillyway ! #husqavarnaUSA

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I. Am. In. Heaven!!!! Ole Red Bloody Mary made with @smithworksvodka…. And everything else they could find!!!

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Miranda, Jon Randall and I wrote a song one afternoon that we all agreed was something to be proud of. That's the only tangible thing that any songwriter can work for… it's either a song you'd play in front of Willie Nelson or it's not worth playing for anybody! Then put it in her killer new record. Excuse me, DOUBLE ALBUM… which is incredible! Then she played it, by herself, on the awards show… which was stunning! Then her record label put it out as a single to be played on the radio… which makes my world stop every time I hear it! This week we got word that it is up for a couple @cma awards including "Song Of The Year" which is a nomination that recognizes the writers of the song… which makes me grateful and proud beyond what I have experienced before. After all is said and done, we wrote a song that we really dig. That is always the hardest part. Everything else is BONUS… and after what I've noticed in this business, I'll take every bonus that is offered! Especially if it comes with trophy if some sort! And… I think @jonrandallmusic and @mirandalambert will agree with me on this… I'd be more than happy to play "Tin Man" in front of Willie Nelson… and God!

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