Ashley McBryde Plans A Hauntingly BOO-tiful Get Away for Her Valentine

Valentine’s Day is this weekend! Do you have plans?

It’s a little tough to sneak in a romantic get away this year with the current COVID situation…so, maybe that takes some of the pressure off. But, when we get back to “normal” — this might be a cautionary tale for you.

Ashley McBryde doesn’t have any major plans for 2021, but she recalls a year when all her planning for an awesome Valentine’s Day vacation went unappreciated.

That sounds awful, right?

She found the spot to go to. She booked a room…and even asked for a very specific room to make the stay even more special!

Was her Valentine grateful for all the extra work?


Oh, one thing we should mention…this romantic get away that Ashley booked…it was a stay at one of most haunted spots in Kentucky.

Ashley shares the tale, “The most romantic thing I’ve ever done for someone was I booked a stay at a bed and breakfast…but I didn’t inform the parties involved that it was one of the most haunted places in the state of Kentucky. So, I don’t know…to me that’s romantic. I don’t think anybody appreciated that, and we had to sleep in the woman’s ward, which is the only rooms still located in the jail. This was an old jail. It’s called the Jailer’s Inn, in Bardstown, Kentucky, and there are options to sleep in like…the library, the gardener’s room, the innkeeper’s room, and I was like ‘Is there a jail cell?(laugh) Is there like a solitary thing?’ ”

Ashley adds, “To ME it would’ve have been romantic. But it didn’t actually come off that way.”

Did you know that a urban legend in Kentucky inspired Ashley’s latest hit? She explains, “Actually, ‘Martha Divine’ is like an urban legend in Kentucky. There’s a swimming hole associated with the name, and I loved the name…and I didn’t want to write about her really, I wanted to use this other person I know of and make her a character in this song. Most cheating songs are written from the point of view of the person being cheated on, or the person cheating, and in this one I chose to take the stance of the daughter. “

Just remember kids, it’s not murder if you bury them alive — now that’s a haunting lyric!

Check out the music video for Ashley McBryde’s “Martha Divine” right here…which is pretty much another cautionary tale…

Photo Credit: Daniel Meigs