Kiss for the Cure: December 2017

When a non-life-threatening injury or illness occurs like a cold or the flu, ear aches, minor cuts, sprains and even broken bones, you should consider a visit to an urgent care center. When you need immediate relief and your primary care physician is not available, an urgent care center or walk in clinic can provide treatment that is often faster and less expensive than an emergency room visit. Hi, this is Jody Jo!

Emergency rooms are full this time of the year and are often filled with those who could have gone to an urgent care center or walk in clinic, avoiding a long wait time and not allowing those with true emergencies to be seen quickly by a provider. Not sure what a true health emergency is? If you’re experiencing chest pains, stroke symptoms, loss of consciousness, open fractures, severe abdominal pain or bleeding, a head injury or other major trauma, get to an emergency room as quickly as possible. Otherwise, an urgent care center or walk in clinic can likely meet your needs. Help your community get the care they need by visiting the right location.

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