Carrie Underwood’s Dog, Ace, Is Doing Water Rehab After Suffering Paralyzing Herniated Disk [Video]

If you’re a fan of Carrie Underwood then you understand how important her dogs, Ace and Penny, are to her. She often posts adorable photos and videos on Instagram of her little buddies.

One of Carrie’s precious pups, Ace, suffered a herniated disk before the holidays and as a result became paralyzed for a period of time. He has since been able to use his right side, but the left side is taking longer to recover.

The “Church Bells” singer says that the road to recovering is a long but there are signs of progress. Carrie posted an adorable video of the little guy working hard to get his mobility back.

“Right before Christmas, my little Ace suffered a herniated disk 😢,” Carrie captioned the video. “He was completely paralyzed in his back end for a couple of days and, with rest, soon got mobility back in his right side…his left side is slowly getting better but we have a long way to go…he’s taking his physical therapy like a champ! And, of course, this is too adorable not to post!”

Check out Ace doing his thing.

Photo Courtesy Carrie Underwood