Watch Reba McEntire Serve Some Pie and Then Dish Out “Winter Wonderland” on “A Pentatonix Christmas Special”

Reba McEntire served up some pie and then dished out “Winter Wonderland” on a capella group Pentatonix’s Christmas Special last night (Dec. 14) on NBC.

During a skit for the show, Pentatonix’s five members gathered at Nashville’s Elliston Place Soda Shop (home to some of the best pies and milkshakes in town) to talk about their upcoming Christmas Special, when lo and behold waitress Reba McEntire brought the group some dessert.

“By the way, 30 percent tip is acceptable,” said Reba. “I’m not kidding. Yeah, I’m kidding, I’m kidding. So what brings you guys to town?”

The members of Pentatonix revealed that the real reason they were in Nashville was to see Reba for their Christmas Special.

Upon hearing the news, Reba ditched her apron and broke into harmony with the group on an a capella version of “Winter Wonderland.”

Watch the clip below.