Your health is essential.

Kaweah Delta has expanded medical services by increasing their surgical procedure availability for patients whose care has been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Their organization has been a leader in the Valley’s fight against COVID-19 and their team continues to take every precaution to provide you with care that meets the highest standards of safety and quality.

Although they understand the community’s concerns related to COVID-19 and the necessary pause placed on elective surgical procedures, your health is essential and they strongly encourage you to seek the health care you need. Please do not let fear prevent you from putting your health first. Your safety remains our top priority and they have rigorous safeguards and protocols in place to ensure your surgical experience is world-class.

Here is what they have done to ensure your well-being and give you the confidence to know there is no better or safer place to be when you need care:

1. Daily Health Symptom Screenings: All of their medical staff and employees are required to self-monitor for symptoms prior to reporting to every shift. All visitors are screened before they are allowed to enter the Medical Center. Additionally, all surgical patients are pre-screened the night before and the morning they arrive for their procedure.
2. COVID-19 Testing: They are testing every elective surgical patient for COVID-19, 24-72 hours prior to surgery. Please note: this policy is subject to change based on evolving guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
3. Visitor Restrictions: They have a no-visitor policy in place, with limited exceptions for specific patient situations. Although they deeply regret the anxiety that these rules create for our patients and their families, they believe this policy is necessary to keep their patients, team, and community safe from COVID-19.
4. Face Masking: They require all individuals in the Medical Center – including surgical patients, employees, and medical staff – to wear a mask while in their facility.
5. Enhanced Cleaning Protocols: They are terminally cleaning every procedural room, from floor to ceiling, between each surgery and at the end of every day.
6. Isolated Units for COVID-19 Patients: They continue to house COVID-19 patients in isolated units, separate and away from non-COVID-19 surgical patients.

They feel confident in our ability to provide care safely and thank you for trusting them with your care. Life may feel out of your control, but your health isn’t. Take control of your health and schedule your surgery today. They are ready, safe, and here to provide you with the world-class care you need and expect.


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