Kiss for the Cure – January 2020

 FOR YOUR SAFETY (Know Your Meds)

Knowing your medication history is extremely important. You will be asked for your medication history at most of your health visits, whether a scheduled visit to your doctor or an unexpected trip to the emergency room.

Knowing the prescribed medications, over the counter medications and any vitamins, herbals and supplements you may be taking will help medical providers to keep you safe. This allows providers to be aware of any possible side effects you may be experiencing as a result of a medication, whether any of the meds are you taking may cause adverse interactions or if any meds may cause complications with medical procedures or other treatments.

Complete a medication history form to the best of your knowledge and include the name of the doctor that prescribed the medicine, the name of the drug and the dosage. Also, be sure to share your med form with family or friends who might be your caregivers. This will protect you in the event where you may not be able to speak for yourself during a medical emergency.


  • Take a photo of each medicine bottle with your smartphone so you always have it on hand (including medication name, dosage and instructions).
  • If you don’t have a smartphone, print your medications on a med tracker form (found HERE: and carry it in your wallet or purse.
  • Provide your medication list to your family or caregivers who may accompany you to your doctor visits and other appointments.
  • Remember to update your Med Form when your doctor changes, stops or updates your medication
  • Keep your medication history with you at all times, in case of a medical emergency.

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